Blackridge Artists

Digital Drawing Club with 

Mark Daniel Nelson


Live Fridays Noon Pacific, 3pm Eastern

January 17 - March 27 2020

$125 for full 10-week course

Week 1: Introduction and "buyers guide": What equipment, apps, and operating system you'll need according to your budget. 


Week 2:  Introduction to the basic features of the app "Procreate"


Week 3: Pencil and pen sketching


Week 4:  Making color studies for use as reference in "real world" painting


Week 5: Basic reference photo manipulation (proportions, saturation,  cut and paste)


Week 6: Advanced reference photo manipulation (Layers, Curves, Selection Tool)


Week 7: Transferring your digital image to canvas


Week 8: The Digital Critique: Using your iPad to explore possibilities on existing paintings


Week 9: Designing custom brushes, exploring advanced filter features 


Week 10: The Digital Collage Studio: The most fun thing you can do with your iPad

All classes will be recorded if you cannot attend the live broadcast.